Introducing The Genting Highlands of Malaysia

Perched at nearly 2,000 meters above sea level lies Malaysia’s premier highland resort destination – Genting Highlands. Located just an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, this mountaintop retreat offers visitors a complete respite from Malaysia’s tropical heat through its cool climate, misty landscapes and lively attractions.

Developed in the 1960s by Malaysian entrepreneur Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, Genting Highlands has evolved into a self-contained hill resort city with hotels, theme parks, entertainment venues, dining and shopping. It provides a unique high altitude tourism experience unmatched anywhere else in Malaysia.

Genting Highlands: Malaysia's Premier High Altitude Resort

Genting Highlands: Malaysia’s Premier High Altitude Resort

History and Development

From Jungle to Integrated Resort City

The transformation of Genting Highlands from dense mountain jungle into Malaysia’s leading highland resort is an impressive feat. In the 1960s, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong was searching for a site to build a mountain retreat to escape Malaysia’s heat when he stumbled upon the Genting peak area.

At that time, the entire highlands could only be reached by jungle trekking. Undaunted, Tan oversaw the ambitious construction of mountain roads to enable vehicular access to the misty highlands. In 1965, Genting Highland’s first hotel, Highlands Hotel, opened offering cool mountain comfort.

Over the next decades, Genting Highlands expanded rapidly to cater to growing tourist numbers. More themed attractions were added, such as the Chin Swee Caves Temple and amusement park. In the 1990s, Genting Highlands cemented its position as Malaysia’s premier hill resort when the country’s only casino opened here.

Today, Genting Highlands receives over 20 million visitors annually, a testament to its successful transformation into an integrated hill city through tenacious development.

Genting Highlands: Malaysia's Premier High Altitude Resort

Genting Highlands: Malaysia’s Premier High Altitude Resort

UNESCO Recognition

In 2013, UNESCO recognized Genting Highlands as an extension to the Taman Negara National Park World Heritage Site. This validates Genting as a positive example of environmentally-friendly development within an ecologically valuable landscape.

The resort implemented various measures such as establishing hiking trails, recycling initiatives and daily inspections to mitigate its impact on the rainforest ecosystem. Its balancing of nature, leisure and entertainment makes Genting Highlands a model for sustainable tourism.

Attractions and Facilities

Genting Highlands woos visitors with its cool mountain air and a myriad of attractions catering to diverse interests. State-of-the-art facilities provide comfort and entertainment.

Natural Highlights

Genting Highlands’ natural scenery across its peaks and valleys enthral visitors. Walking trails at the Mossy Forest lead past ancient trees draped in moss. Soak in mountain views on the scenic Genting Skyway Cable Car ride. Gardens like Strawberry Park and Hibiscus Walk allow you to soak in the fresh cool air.

Genting Highlands: Malaysia's Premier High Altitude Resort

Genting Highlands: Malaysia’s Premier High Altitude Resort

Amusement Parks

Genting’s outdoor theme park is home to Malaysia’s biggest collection of rides like the adrenaline-pumping Mine Train Rollercoaster. The Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park offers fun with cutting-edge motion rides and VR games. SnowWorld provides family fun with sledding, tobogganing and snowy picnics.

Entertainment & Nightlife

Genting Highlands comes alive after dark with vibrant entertainment and nightlife options. Watch spectacular magic shows and musical concerts at the various theatre venues. The Zouk Genting nightclub electrifies nights with top DJs and dance tunes. Guests can try their luck at the grand casino or sing karaoke at atmospheric lounges.

Hotels & Dining

Genting caters to millions of visitors with over 10,000 hotel rooms ranging from luxury suites to budget rooms. Dining options span hawker fare to finedining, catering to diverse tastes. The First World Hotel and SkyAvenue mall house a huge variety of dining choices.


The Genting Skyway cable car provides transportation up the mountains while free shuttle buses allow easy navigation between Genting’s attractions. Taxis are available but expensive due to the hilly terrain. Most guests opt for the cable car and shuttle services to move around.

Genting Highlands: Malaysia's Premier High Altitude Resort

Genting Highlands: Malaysia’s Premier High Altitude Resort

Best Experiences

A trip to Genting Highlands promises refreshing experiences unmatched elsewhere in Malaysia.

Cool Mountain Air

The resort’s high altitude means temperatures average around 15 to 22°C. Stroll outdoors and breathe in the invigorating cool air. Pack jackets and sweaters, especially for cold nights when temperatures can drop below 10°C.

Scenic Cable Car Ride

Glide up to the highlands in glass gondolas via the high-tech Genting or Awana Skyway cable cars. Spot thick rainforest, mountain valleys and Strawberry Park’s rabbit holes along the scenic ride.

Amusement Thrills

Get your adrenaline fix onboard the rollercoaster rides at the theme parks. Take your pick from dozens of attractions like the thrilling Mine Train or the spinning Tomahawk.

Dazzling Nightlife

When night falls, Genting transforms into a neon-lit city buzzing with entertainment. Dance the night away at Zouk Club or try lady luck at the casino. Enjoy chilling out at Fahrenheit or RedTail bars.

Hiking Adventures

Immerse in nature’s beauty on hiking trails like Mossy Forest Walk or Canopy Walk. Conquer any fear of heights on the 100-meter long suspension bridge overlooking the lush valley below.

Genting Highlands: Malaysia's Premier High Altitude Resort

Genting Highlands: Malaysia’s Premier High Altitude Resort

Travel Tips

Consider these tips to make the most of your trip to Genting Highlands:

  • Bring cold weather gear like jackets, gloves and umbrella. The weather at the highlands tends to be misty and chilly.
  • Ride the free shuttle buses to get around instead of taxis. This saves on transport costs.
  • Visit on weekdays to enjoy lighter crowds. Weekends and public holidays draw bigger numbers.
  • Purchase combo tickets to the theme parks and cable cars to enjoy discounts.
  • Make dining reservations in advance on weekends when restaurants are packed.


Genting Highlands stands in a class of its own as Malaysia’s premier highland resort destination. This self-contained mountaintop leisure city offers visitors a complete experience from its cool climate, beautiful scenery and world-class attractions to luxurious hotels and vibrant entertainment. With diversity and comfort, Genting Highlands promises visitors an invigorating highland getaway just a short distance away from Kuala Lumpur.

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